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Troop 200 has been chartered by St. Luke’s United Methodist Church since 1982. Troop 200 is part of the Chesapeake Bay District of the Colonial Virginia Council (CVC595 Twitter) and subscribes fully to the Rules and Regulations of the National Council and the Colonial Virginia Council of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).  To find other troops in the local area check out BeAscout.org!

Troop 200 has a tradition of providing a full Scouting experience, including regular troop and patrol meetings with a robust advancement program, well-rounded outdoor program including weekend tent camping about 10 months each year, high adventure opportunities, and service projects to the community. Past outdoor activities include snow skiing, backpacking,  canoeing, boating, rock climbing/ rappelling, cycling, caving, and much more! The troop strives to provide motivated Scouts with plenty of opportunities to attain the First Class rank within a year or so of joining, while providing the older Scouts opportunities to obtain merit badges, participate in service projects, and experience high adventure activities. Troop 200 has been very successful in providing our Scouts the opportunity to achieve Scouting’s greatest honor, the rank of Eagle Scout.


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T200 Calendar
(30 January version)



March 25th (Sunday)






March   Caving Campout Month

Mar 23-25 Caving Campout  Kent, WV Delayed
                CSM: Mr. Richardson
              CSPL: Kenny B

Mar 24 CVC Eagle Banquet
          Hilton Garden Inn  Suffolk  6:00pm

Mar 26 PLC    Yorkminster

April  Basic Skills Campout Month

Apr 2 Troop Meeting Yorkminster Field        

Apr 5  OA Chapter Mtg 7:00 pm Yorkminster
         CBD Roundtable 7:30 PM  Yorkminster

Apr 9  Troop Meeting
          Change of Command

Apr 14  Troop ILST

Apr 16 Troop Meeting
           Basic Skills PLC  6:00P SLUMC

Apr 19  Basic Skills Trailer Packing
           6:00 pm~   Class B         

Apr 20-21  Basic Skills Campout Chippokes SP
                CSM: Mr. Shregardus
               CSPL: Matthew S

Apr 23  Troop Meeting            

Apr 27-29  OA CONCLAVE !!
                Camp Rock Enon  Gore, VA 

Apr 30  PLC Mtg.
            Troop Committee Mtg.

May  Rafting Campout Month

May 3  OA Chapter mtg. 7:00  Yorkminster
           CBD  Roundtable 7:30  Yorkminster

May 4  Victory YMCA Swim Check 6-8pm
           Non YMCA members need a signed waiver

May 7 Troop Mtg.  Spring Court of Honor
                           CSPL: TBD
May 11 Victory YMCA Swim Check  7-8pm
           Non YMCA Members need a signed waiver

May 14  Troop Mtg.

May 18-20  OA Spring Service Weekend
                 Wicomico Chapter Elections

May 19   Paul Bunyan Day at NN Park
              CSPL: Jacob D

May 21  PLC Mtg.
            Troop Committee Mtg.  

May 28  Memorial Day

June Canoe Fishing Campout Month

Jun 4  Troop Mtg.

Jun 9  Flag Day  Yorkminster
         CSM: TBD
        CSPL: TBD 

Jun 10   OA LEC 5:00-6:00 DCA

Jun 11 Troop Mtg.

Jun 15-17  Canoe Fishing Campout
                CSM: Tbd
               CSPL: Tbd

Jun 18 Troop Mtg.

Jun 24-30   SUMMIT High Adventure
                 Summit SR  Bechtel, WV
                CSM: Mr. Murawski
               CSPL: Kenny B

Jun 25  PLC Mtg.
Troop Committee Mtg.

July  Summer Camp Month

Jul 2 Troop Mtg.

Jul 3 CRK PLC  6:30~  SLUMC  Class A

Jul 5  CRK Trailer Packing 6:00~
         Class B

Jul 7  8:00 am Depart for Summer Camp

Jul 8  OA LEC  5:00-6:00  DCA

Jul 9  No Troop Meeting

Jul 14 4:00 pm  Summer Camp Return

Jul 16  Troop Mtg.

Jul 23  Troop Mtg.

Jul 30  PLC Mtg.
           Troop Committee Mtg.













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Scoutmaster's Minute

SM Minute
(Nov 2017)

Patrol Rosters - 8 Nov 2017

Spring 2017 Leadership Roster  (8 Nov 2017)

BSA Guide to Advancement link

 Scoutmaster Conferences    

6:00                     Mr. Brockington

04-02-18              Mr. Brockington



Committee Reviews
(BOLD name is Board Chairperson)


BoR Committee Members: 











BSA Guide to Safe Scouting link

Patrol Campouts
Summer 2017

* Eagle -  



St. Mary's Wilderness   June 23/25




*Antelopes- Crabtree Meadows  Oct 13-15


Pearls of Wisdom

Scouting is a game for boys under the leadership of boys under the direction of a man.

When a boy finds someone who takes an interest in him, he responds and follows.

~ Lord Baden-Powell ~


Troop 200 welcomes boys ages 11 (10 if they have earned the Arrow of Light Award or have completed the fifth grade) through 17 to join at any time. Contact the Scoutmaster or visit a Troop meeting any Monday evening at 7:00 PM at St. Luke's.

Troop 200 points of contact:


Matthew S. (SPL)
Logan A., Kenny B., Michael M. (ASPLs)

Mr. Donn Brockington (Scoutmaster)
Mr. Mike Menapace (Deputy SM)


Ms. Tamara Atkins, Committee Chair 
Ms. Deborah Matheny, Deputy Committee Chair
Mr. Mike Puffenbarger, Charter Org Representative


Derek Atkins(Webmaster)
Mr. Wally Atkins